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SoestHill Havana Browns
Pronounced "So Still"

D. Ray and Anne Edwards
Rolla, Missouri USA
Email: anne@soesthill.com

CFA's Highest Scoring Havana Brown in the History of the Breed

In the 2004-2005 Show Season Johnny was the
Best Havana Brown in CFA World Wide and
8th Best Allbreed Cat in CFA World Wide

As of March 8, 2009, Johnny has Sired
13 Grand Champions and
2 Grand Premiers,
with both of the Grand Premiers being Regional Winners.
That means Johnny has sired the required number of Grands to earn the status of Distinguished Merit (DM).

Congratulations to "GC SoestHill Patty Loveless", who was number 15 and Congratulations to GC BW NW SoestHill Johnny Cash, DM.
Johnny will be six years old on June 26, 2009.

A list of Johnny's Offspring who contributed to this honor
for their "dad" can be found at this link.

On April 18, 2009
"GC SOESTHILL B4 THE NXT TEARDROP FALLS" became the 16th offspring of Johnny's to grand. Congratulations "Teardrop".

Another Milestone in SoestHill Cattery's history with the Havana Brown, has been passed:
On April 25, 2009
became the 5th offspring out of
"GC SOESTHILL RUBY ANN, DM" to grand causing
Ruby Ann to earn the title of Distinquished Merit (DM).
A list of Ruby Ann's Grand Champion offspring
can be found here.

SoestHill Havana Brown Cats have been awarded the title of
"Best Havana Brown" in CFA
for Each of the last 7 years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
and then again in 2013)

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